Emirates Id Renewal Fees 2021

Emirates id Renewal Fees list you will find here. As y0u know emirates id card is one of the most common and important document in UAE for both UAE nationals and Residents. With the card, you can get all facilities. The card is an identity card issued by the federal identity Authority. Every country Has an identity card as UAE has. And check emirates id status

If you come here to check the emirates id fee list then you on the right place. We have explained the fees list step by step of different countries including UAE Residents and nationals of UAE. And also you have to read How to apply for mew emirates id card.

Emirates Id Renewal Fees

Emirates Id Renewal Fees
Emirates id fees

Emirates ID renewal fees come After expiring the duration of the card. The renewing fees are different from new card making. If you want to renew your Emirates id card and want to check the fees list in detail then you have to read the article completely.

The Emirates id Renewal Fees will be Applied while renewing your card. So here’s The detail About Emirates Id Renewal Fees.

Emirates Id Renewal Fees For UAE Nationals

Here’s we explained discussion and list of fees for UAE nationals.

  • The service Fee is AED 40 and so on
  • For Urgent service fee is AED 150
  • Typing FEE is AED 30
  • Emirates ID renewing fees for 5 years is AED 100
  • Renewing card for 10 years fees is AED 200

Renewal Fees For Gulf Countries

  • Gulf Countries Service fee is AED 40 and so
  • Urgent service fee is up to AED 1450
  • Typing Office fees AED 30
  • Renewing ID Card of emirates for the period of the 6-year fee is  AED 100

Renewal Fees For UAE Residents

  • UAE Residents Service Fees Of Renewal Is AED 40
  • Urgent service fees are AED 150
  • Typing Office fee: AED 30 and so on
  • for One Year id card renewal fee: AED 200
  • The 3 Year Renewal fees: 300 AED

First Time Issuing ID Card For UAE Nationals (Citizens)

  • First time issuing fee of ID Card for UAE nationals for 5 years: AED 40
  • For the period of 10 years fee: AED 200
  • The service fee first time issuing ID card for UAE nationals: AED 40
  • Urgent service fee: AED 150
  • Emirates id renewal fee for the period of 3 years fee is AED 150

Second Issuing ID Card Fees for Gulf Countries Citizens

  • For the period of 5-year fee: AED 100
  • Service fee for Gulf Countries nationals: AED 40
  • Urgent service free the citizens of Gulf countries: AED 150
  • Typing Office Fee is: AED 30

Third Issuing Emirates ID Fees For Non-Gulf Countries

  • For the period of 5 years fee: AED 100
  • Two years validity fee: AED 200
  • The registered fee is:  AED 40
  • Urgent Fee is: AED 150
  • Typing Office Fee: AED 4O

Requirements For Emirates ID Renewal Fees

Before emirates id card renews, You have to take a look one the Requirements of Emirates id card fees.

  • Original Family Book
  • Original Valid Passport (valid)’
  • Your Old ID

Requirements For UAE Residents Which are shown below

  • Own passport Original
  • Valid Residency
  • Personal Photo and Fingerprint




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